Is This MY Kid?

Last night while helping Byron make pizzas I was holding Natalie and she pointed to a tomato on the counter. So I handed it to her to see what she would do. Without hesitation she took a big ole' bite out of the center like it was an apple. It makes me gag just thinking about it. Because anyone who knows me, knows I HATE tomatoes unless it's in the form of ketchup. Heck Byron doesn't even like them, but we had bought one for Dad and Nathan to eat with their taco pizza.

I guess we can add tomatoes to the list of foods Nat likes to eat. Too bad she won't get any unless she's home with the grandparents. YUCK!


Hilary said...

She looks so fascinated with it. lol

Amy said...

I'll send my favorite little great-niece all the tomatoes she wants... LOL You go girl!!