Going on an Ice Cream Safari

Saturday our little family headed out to the Jackson Zoo for their 16th Annual Ice Cream Safari. We got there around 10 to actually walk through the zoo. Natalie seemed to recognize more animals this time. She loved the monkeys, giraffes, elephants and black bear, but man was it hot. It was overcast most of the morning but the humidity was almost unbearable. Luckily the tasting started at 11.

Byron's favorite exhibit, the Orangutans.

Daddy's little monkeys :)

The flamingos put on a show for us. You could have reached out and touched them they got so close. Natalie wasn't to sure about them. They made funny noises that made her jump.

Time for the best part. We got to taste 16 different Blue Bell flavors that ranged from Turtle Cheesecake, Gator Crunch, ZooBerry to homemade Strawberry, Banana Pudding, and Butter Pecan, all scooped by local radio/TV personalities. Natalie wasn't fast enough to actually taste each booth, she averaged about every other one. I can't say what her favorite was but I can definitely tell you, without a doubt, she HATED the mango sherbet. I really wanted to try it so I got both of us a sample. She took one bite and immediately held it up for Byron to take it :) I guess she's more of a chocolate fan.

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