Lazy Saturday

Saturday we didn't to much. Natalie took another marathon nap (4 hours) after being out late the night before. So we just hung out at the house except to go grocery shopping. Of course she took her usual swim, aggravated the dogs and entertained us all day.

Trying to swat a fly, that's not even there. I guess she thought she could use a little help from the man upstairs, hence the rosary around her neck. LOL

Bath time - one of her favorites until you try and wash her hair.

And this is her trying to make that "Home Alone" face. You know where the boy throws his hands up around his cheeks and screams. This is one of Byron's favorite movies and he's been teaching her this.

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Amy said...

One of these days these pictures will come back and haunt Natalie... but for now they are darling! I saved some of them in Miss Natalie's folder. I change my backdrop on my desktop of pictures of her.