Just Because I Can

Sometimes I just like to get the camera out and take some pics of my babies (furry and non). I don't need a reason and depending on Nat's mood, I can get some really great shots. Besides that's why everyone comes to this blog...to see pics of Natalie. So here ya go.

Goldfish are one Nat's favorite snacks and apparently, Mulligan's too. Notice in the majority of these he's going for the snack cup, especially if she's not looking.

"Gosh Mom, stop with the camera already!"

Going in for the steal...to bad there's a lid on it.

This is another way Nat torments Mulligan. She'll hold one little goldfish in her hand really tight, stick it in front of him and just laugh her head off when he tries to get it from her. The more he licks her fist the more she giggles.

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Amy said...

She has the funniest expressions on her face. It crazy how her and the dogs get along so well. All give out at the end of a long day too. I love you Natalie!!