TOTH Beer Festival Comes to Jackson

It's very rare that I post anything that absolutely has nothing to do with Natalie, but Byron and I took full advantage of my parents being down this weekend. We rounded up the crew and headed out to the Inaugural Top of the Hops Beer Festival Saturday.

There were over 125 beers on tap reading for our tasting pleasure. I think the final count Byron and I had tried was 75. We tried to keep track in our program and we tried to taste at least one or two beers from each brewery, skipping some we had already had before. It was a neat experience that made Byron and I realize we have totally different taste in beer. I liked almost all of the wheat beers and he didn't. About the only ones we both liked were the dark beers.

This is what I'll call the "before" picture. We got to sneak in a little early because I had won VIP tickets. We got to taste about 10 beers that were available to the general public and eat food catered by Mint.

Nate and his buddy from school, Teddy.

Nate and Lynnley

The whole gang - Me, Teddy, Byron, Nate and Lynnley.

The sillier Nate's grin gets is a good indicator of how long we've been there :)

Byron and I reenacting the wedding pose.

Nate's all out :( Time to get back in line.

And this is the "after" picture. Not only did we have a wonderful babysitter (mom) but a awesome DD who hauled us back and forth. Thanks Dad!

Our official TOTH Picture in front of the Abita beer.

Teddy and Nate showing off their bling.

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Hilary said...

It looks like ya'll had such a great time! I love how your eyelids droop more and more with each pic. lol