Same Ole' Sunday

I know these post are getting pretty predictable but this is the routine we've fallen into. We did manage to sneak in a little pool time today between showers. Since Natalie finally took a decent nap I got to unpack a little from last week. I found our bag of designer denim diapers Mal gave us since Jackson and Kody are to big for them.

They really do look like shorts. I think she even thought so because she wasn't trying to take them off or stick her hands down in them. Here's some pics of that cute little booty.

And how precious is this? She loves her some Bogey.

Yesterday also marked the unofficial start to the UK basketball season. Byron insisted we break out the jersey for such event. I mean a UK game in August is like Christmas at our house :)

By the way, frozen french fries make great teething toys and she loves them. Apparently so does Mulligan, check out his tongue as he patiently waits for her to drop it.

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