Picnic Time

Saturday was the 130th Fancy Farm Picnic. We enjoyed bingo, fried chicken, BBQ, games and ice cream. Natalie played with all the kiddos until she couldn't keep her eyes open. We tried to play a few kid friendly games. At the duck pond she thought it would be more fun to get in the pool instead of pull a duck from the "pond". That was the end of our game playing, as we headed back to camper to run around. She loved riding on the golf cart too. Byron and I need to get ours out and running and take her for a drive on the golf course one of these days.

Karly is so good with Natalie and Natalie just loves her some Karly too. She'd follow her anywhere and Karly is such a good sport about it.

Nate holding April and Danny's little linebacker, Kody. He's such a happy baby. I don't think I ever heard him cry unless he was hungry.

Thank goodness I'm not one of those mom's who worries about their kids getting their clothes or themselves dirty because by the end of the night Natalie's little dress was covered in ice cream and her little feet were almost black from running around without shoes. I'm also thankful April isn't to picky about her stroller getting dirty. She started with a spoon but that just wasn't going to cut it. Scooping with her fingers was way more productive. Don't worry contrary to what Levi thought, it wasn't anything a few baby wipes couldn't clean up until bath time later.

Then there's Brady sipping his Sun Drop from a tea cup he won.

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