This is Nat's new game. She'll go stand over by the fence and stand there until someone says "ready, set, go" Then she comes barreling towards us to the middle of the yard, usually fakes falling down and I yell "safe" or something else silly.

Rolling with the dogs

She's such a goof these days. Here's a few stories that will make you laugh and her cringe one day when she looks back on these.

Story 1: She calls me to come sit with her like I'm a dog. Let me explain...she'll go over to her spot with her toys and point to me and make whiny noises to get my attention. When I notice her, she'll sit down, and clap her hands at me and make a noise with her lips like I do when I'm calling the dogs inside. No joke. While it's cute and all, I try and tell her a) I'm not Bogey and b) we need to say please (or anything at this point) when we want something.

Story 2: I get out of the shower this morning and hear her and Byron laughing really hard. About 5 minutes later they come in and Byron starts out by saying "Your daughter..." Now this usually means she's done something bad, gross or is in a grumpy mood. But this particular morning she had tooted while sitting on the couch. He said she turned and look at her butt and then at him and busted out laughing. Which in turn made Byron die laughing. I think he almost peed his pants.


Amy said...

That's my Girl!!
On another note: I hope you pick up the doggy dropping as much as she rolls around in the yard with them... LOL
Natalie you are really becoming character. I can't (I really can) wait for you to get a little older and be able to read these comments. You are going to be soooooo embarrassed. I love it!

Julia said...

Amy I scoop every evening while Nat's playing. Luckily the dogs kinda keep it to the sides of the house.