Labor Day Fun with Curious George

Over the weekend we loaded up our little family (dogs included) and headed over to Huntsville. Curious George was making appearance and what a better way to spend a long weekend than with family and a live show.

The girls played really well together. They shared all their toys and even Nana's lap, who was probably worn out (in a good way) from being pulled in all directions. We couldn't have asked for better weather. If the girls were awake they were outside. The only negative all weekend was Ole Miss's loss to Jacksonville State. Byron thinks we should just go ahead and pull the UK flag out now.

Both the girls loved the show, but it was a little long for their attention spans. They did really well, just a clapping and dancing around until intermission, but about another 15 minutes afterwards was all they lasted until we decided to not push our luck and leave.

Natalie was Heather's best bud during the show. She sat in her lap just as much as mine :) Here they are making funny faces for me during intermission.

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Rachel said...

So cool! I love Curious George!