Football, Food and Friends

This weekend we got to spend some long overdue time with some of Byron's college buddies who we haven't seen in years. We used Byron's upcoming birthday as an excuse for all us to get together to catch up and reminiscence about old times.
Flannigan and Suzanne have a toddler as well, so things were a little more child friendly than some of our past get togethers, but fun nonetheless. Scott and Cheri, who recently moved to Jackson and live like 15 minutes from us, came over too. We watched Ole Miss lose (again), grilled out, played some Fusion Frenzy and watched the kids play together.
Of course once Nat woke up and got used to all these strangers she was a total ham. I think she's even made Flannigan want a little girl next time.

Sadly, this was the only picture I got of Natalie and Dade. We were just to busy to think about snapping pictures.

And of course I wanted to try and make Byron a special cake during all the madness. I should have stuck with the original plan of doing a UK cake. I don't think Ole Miss will win another game this year after the way the lost to Vandy. Have I mentioned we're ready for basketball season..LOL

This was a little gift from Flan. Byron earned the nickname Princess while they were roommates. Supposedly Byron always took the longest to get ready before they went out. Too bad Flan started out writing a little to big so it lost some of it's burn.

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