Time for a Makeover

Our poor front door, how we have neglected it over the years. We rarely use it, the only time I actually look at it is from coming in after getting the mail. Family and friends always come in through the garage, so it's often an afterthought.

Last year we painted the shutters and had every intent on doing the door as well. But here I am over a year later just now getting around to it. And I can make up a million excuses, most of them involving Natalie, but I had finally decided to tackle it.

Vann had already sanded it for me (THANK YOU) a couple of weeks of ago in hopes to jump start this little project. Saturday Nat and I got up and taped off the windows.Then we had to break for lunch and a nap.

Byron helped me knock out the priming fairly quickly. And then bless his heart, he did all of the first coat Sunday by himself. In hind sight he did it so he could skip the second coat (since Nat would be napping I could do it alone) and he could watch football. But I'll take all the help I can get and come Sunday afternoon I had a freshly painted door and still enough time to goof off out back with Nat.

Keeping Byron entertained while he paints. She kept saying "I see you" and would peek around the corner.

Out back laying on the ground watching the clouds blow by. I know I look like death, but makeup is way overrated on the weekends.

But Nat couldn't sit that still for to long. She decided to mow and rake the back yard. Byron's taught her well :)

"Are you just going to sit there and snap my picture, or help me."

Putting it up just like Byron does in the garage. It took three attempts and she had to move the watering can but she wiggled it in there just perfectly.

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