34 Reasons Why I Love Byron

**I'm stealing this from Joe, another friend and blogger, but enjoy.

In no particular order:

1. He gives the best hugs.
2. He's one of the best cooks I know.
3. He has a million dollar smile.
4. He gets up with Nat at least one morning on the weekends and lets me sleep in.
5. He'll rub my back without me having to ask him.
6. His chest is the perfect pillow when watching TV in bed.
7. He's the patience one.
8. We hate the same sports teams (Cubs, Cowboys & Duke).
9. He kills spiders for me.
10. He'll let me paint the bedroom whatever color I want.
11. He almost always gives me the "good piece of the chicken".
12. He knows how to order a good wine.
13. He'll answer all my stupid sports questions even during the game.
14. He's never asked me once to mow the yard.
15. He wipes Mulligan's butt.
16. He's taught Natalie how to act like a monkey.
17. His passion for UK basketball.
18. He's knows all the word to Jay-Z "Can I get A...".
19. We have the same sick humor in movies (i.e. SuperBad, The Hangover, Dumb & Dumber).
20. He let's me watch my stupid reality show with little fuss.
21. We're perfectly content with lazy weekends.
22. He has a gazillion dollars saved up on WoW.
23. His cologne.
24. The way he aggravates Natalie and she just dishes right back.
25. He makes me feel safe.
26. He puts up with my back seat driving.
27. He signs his cards "love, me"
28. The way he walks around after a shower in attempt to get my side of the floor wet.
29. Every Friday when we get up he says.."Guess what?... It's Friday"
30. The way he has to be in front of TV right before Faith Hill comes on to sing her SNF song.
31. He uses Nat as an excuse to watch iCarly.
32. He just knows when it's time for me to go home and get my family fix.
33. He's an awesome daddy.
34. He loves every single ounce of me, good and bad.

Happy 34th Birthday Baby. Natalie and I love you more than you will ever know.

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Byron... now that I know when it is, I can put it in my planner. Sorry I didn't know. Hope it was a great one!