Good Things Come In Small Packages

And in the form of cupcakes!

Last weekend while Flannigan and Suzanne were down she mentioned she saw a GiGi's Cupcakes when they passed the mall. Byron and I had never heard of GiGi's and faintly remembered seeing that sign on our way to Pennies or Dick's. But they raved about it all weekend and even made us get online and check out their flavors.

Tuesday afternoon I decided to surprise Byron with some of these little pieces of heaven. And OH BOY they were just that. They had just switched to their Fall/Winter menu so I didn't get my Key Lime cupcake (something to look forward to next Spring) but the four I came home with have made us believers. They were so yummy and pretty, they deserved their picture taken.

I couldn't choose just one, trust me, I tried. I ended up with Banana Cream Pie, Wedding Cake, Pumpkin Cream and Cookies-n-Cream. The banana one was clearly for Byron and the pumpkin for myself, so we ate those first. The next night we tried the other two. The wedding cake was good, nice and simple. The cookies-n-cream probably would have been better if it were fresher. A night in the fridge kinda dried out the cake, but not enough for me not to eat it again and again and again.

Now we're hooked. We're constantly checking Facebook for specials, happy hours and such. I would just like to thank the Cliffords for telling us about this place and for killing my waistline :)


Joy said...

Don't forget about Wednesday... I wish I were going to be in town.

Flossie said...

They opened a GiGi's in Lexington while I was pregnant. Bad....very, very bad.