Just a Little Off the Top

We took Natalie to the lady that does my hair to get a little trim last night. We're at that in between stage were we kinda need to decide what we are going to do with it. A lot of this decision has always been based on the fact that Nat's never had much hair and is more of a low maintenance (if you will) kinda girl. She doesn't have time to mess with bows, barrettes and all that mess. Nor do Byron and I feel like wrestling a toddler in the mornings. We tend to choose our battles wisely and this was one neither of us felt inclined to push. But her bangs have been tickling her eyes lately which drives me nuts so I can only assume it bothers her too.

She didn't really care for the lady touching her head but she tolerated it. You can't really tell a difference she just trimmed up some of her bangs, left what we will pull to the side and gave her a slight layer in the back so it lays better. She kinda gets that mushroom look in the back with it all one length.

Monday I bit the bullet and went out and bought a pack of barrettes. Those clip and snap kind, very basic. I had read online that sometimes it's easier to put two in the same spot. That way if Nat tries to pull one out she can, but the other is still there and hopefully she will forget about it. Well I think it worked! The first day she kept saying "ouch" every time I got near her head, silly girl. But we're on day 3 and Byron says she usually leaves them alone. We even got fancy this morning and sprayed a little hair spray. To which she replied. "Ohhh" in a good way and smiled that big Cheshire cat grin as she stared at herself in the mirrow.


Flossie said...

Just one of many reasons I'm glad I had a boy. I. Can't. Do. Hair. If I ever have a girl, I'm sunk.

Joy said...

I love it. She is a cutie!!! So glad I found your blog!!