Gingerbread Houses

I decided on a whim to grab a gingerbread house kit from Joann's one day. It came with 4 little houses and I thought it was something the girls might enjoy. And they did for the most part. 

I didn't realize (or read the directions) that the icing had to set for at least 2 hours. We took a break to enjoy the weather outside but after about an hour I was like screw let's decorate these things. 

They could not have decorated them more differently. I'm sure you can guess who's was symmetrical and perfect and who was just slingin' some sprinkles on top and eating most of her gumdrops :) And I know some of that has to do with age but I have a slight feeling it's very much their personalities. 

By FAR Harper's favorite part...squirting all the icing in her mouth once we were done.

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