A White Christmas!!

Well Grammie got her Christmas wish...a white Christmas! When we left Mass the night before it had already started. Nat had to get down and play in it. It's a rare sighting for us Mississippians. It it continued for most of Christmas day.

The view from Nans.

Ok back to the real fun stuff. This is before the blow up of bows, boxes and wrapping paper. And yes, the majority of those are for Nat. I think Nate was a little jealous.

Nat up to her ears in gifts. Let me just note that our child is the slowest gift opener I know for an (almost) 2 year old. I mean it's painful to watch. Tear off one little piece, hand it to someone because it's "trash" and repeat. We were late getting to Nan's for breakfast because of it :)

Of course at it was all said and done, what'd she do? She went and played with a toy she got last year...kids.

A couple of her favs... her pillow pet, aquadoodle and a some light up toy that was in her stocking.

We finally made it to Nan's for the best breakfast. Mike made Natalie the cutest little chair with her name engraved in it and everything. Amy & Angie got her some really cute outfits that she thought were so "pretty" and Nan got her a play kitchen type of toy. Now if we can only find room to get it all home and we weren't even done!

One more round at Granny's and we were all spent. Pretty sure Nat and Grammie went home and took a 3 hour nap before we headed over to Karla's for some friendly poker and board games.

Nat & Aunt Karla in deep conversations.

My little "Who" If I heard it once, I heard it a million times.

I must say that I try and keep this blog light hearted and mainly about Nat's life, but this Christmas was very bittersweet. My Granddaddy didn't get to spend it with us this year due to being in the hospital and it really makes you want to cherish every moment you have with each other and truly celebrate the reason for the season. Great now I'm tearing up. Just make sure you say I love you and give extra hugs to those closest to you.

See y'all in the new year!

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