Guess Who's 2?

Hard to believe this munchkin is already turning 2 (going on 16 I might add). She's grown and changed so much and is now a little person instead of a baby. I don't have any stats yet, her appointment to she how skinny she is isn't until next Wednesday.

These last two years have been a blast, we are about ready to switch to a big girl bed and start potty training. You are such a blessing to the both of us, we really can't even remember what life was like before you (just that we got to sleep in more).

Love you bunches, Nat!

We are actually driving back to KY for Nat's birthday party but Byron and I wanted to do a little something at home for her first. I brought home a cookie cake for after dinner last night. The little stinker found it though before dinner was even done and kept whining about it. She was ready to eat a raw hamburger if she could have just one little piece. But she waited it out, we sang and she blew out her candle about 3 times to be exact, it was her favorite part.

Really all she wanted to do was lick the icing off it. Which was fine by me, I don't really care for the icing on those cookies. Check out the dogs waiting patiently for any little crumb that might drop.

After the cookie she jumped in the bath and while Byron got the dreaded task of washing her hair (something she hates again), I set up her easel and a couple of other gifts we got her.

She came and out and was so surprised!

She played with the easel for the rest of the night. She loves to line up the magnetic letters into her own little arrangement. The lady bug was a bit hit too. I see it as another stuffed animal she'll be sleeping with.

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Joy said...

Awww - Happy Birthday Natalie!!! Time flies when your having the most fun of your life!!!