Monkey See, Monkey Do

Natalie's officially 2! What a better way to celebrate our monkey turning two than with a pink mod monkey party? Honestly though Natalie doesn't have a favorite character, yet, so I took advantage of it and did what I wanted to. Since we have called Nat our little monkey since before she was born, this was perfect.

A friend of mines mother made the cake. It was absolutely PERFECT! It not only looked amazing but tasted great too. Everything else just fell into place.

First we had to open presents. Again it was painful to sit through as each tiny little piece was ripped off one by one. Even Kaitlyn tried to help but one quick frown from Nat and she chose to just sit and watch.

When it came time for cake it was a totally different experience from last year. Last year she was covered in it and could barely blow the candle out. This year, all she wanted to do was blow the candle out numerous times and she even tried to share her cake with Brady and Kaitlyn.

Asking Brady for a spoon.

Digging in so danty like with her spoon. You should she the video of her licking her ice cream a few minutes later, total opposite of what's shown here.

"Open wide"

The big hit of the day was the lego table from Grammie. Nat refused to open any more gifts after that. Once again she racked up with clothes, puzzles, books, money, and a ton of other toys that I know have to find room for :)

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amy said...

Nan and I had a wonderful time at your birthday party. We are glad that we could share it with you. I enjoy watching you grow up through mommies blog. I love you!