Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone has enjoyed this Mother's Day, whether it be their first of their 30-something. I know I have the best Mom who just happens to be my best friend, and a mother-in-law who I probably talk to on a daily basis (by choice, LOL) a girl could ask for. I can only hope Natalie and I are as close as my Mom and I have been my whole life. I'm truely blessed.

We had a nice quiet weekend. We're leaving in a week for the beach so we had some last minutes errands to run yesterday. Today we just lounged around, Byron went to the driving range then came home and cooked a yummy steak (as always) for my Mother's Day dinner.

Byron and Natalie got me the sweetest silver necklace to represent our little family and a funny card. He let me sleep in this morning and got up with Natalie, although she's almost back to her normal sleep schedule so he didn't have it to bad.

See Nat's signature at the bottom. :) I can't wait to look back on these someday and see how big she's gotten.

My necklace.

And this is my little Picasso. She gets so close to the paper when she's coloring and trying to concentrate. But you have to watch her, because she'll eat the crayons if you're not careful.

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