Natalie the Horse Whisperer

Sorry if all these beach pictures are starting to look the same. It's a little blurry for me too. But honestly all the child wanted to do was jump in the waves or dig in the sand.

Back on the beach again. Byron didn't golf today so he came out with us. We didn't put a swim suit on her because we thought we might just take a walk and pick up shells...WRONG. Girl was soaked from head to toe and had a super soggy diaper by the time we got home.

Byron was much better at helping Natalie jump the waves.

We did breakaway this afternoon for a carriage ride through downtown Charleston. It was amazing to see the houses literally sharing walls and then just outside the city these 14,000 sq. ft. mansions and to hear all the history the city has to offer. Next time I hope Byron and I can spend a little more time just walking around and taking it all in.

They also had a petting zoo for the girls to play in while we waited our turn. Natalie took right to the horses. If Granddaddy had been there she might have even ridden one :) but they had to settle for a few pats and kisses instead.

No shoes Natalie. The child doesn't care much for shoes. Good thing her feet aren't sensitive.

Checking out the goats inside the big red barn.

This is just before the goat tried to eat Byron's shirt.

Petting the horse like a pro. She didn't hesitate one bit.

Getting a little sugar.

Sue did teach the girls to play "Ring around the Rosie"

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Flossie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Love all the pictures.