Pool Time

Thank goodness our house had a pool out back. I'm not much of a beach person, especially when your 16 month old wants to jump in the ocean whether you are holding on to her or not. At least in the pool I can keep her contained.

Before we got in we had to head downtown and find some floats for the girls. Everything at the house was for older kids. So we loaded the girls in the Red Wagon and set off 6 (never-ending) blocks to the nearest store. After finding small enough floaties (they never really used), bribing them with slushes to ride in the wagon, and Natalie losing a shoe, that took Heather and I forever to find, we finally got to enjoy the pool.

Natalie resting outside one of the shops.

Finally in the pool. She followed this little purple flower around wherever the wind blew it.

I'm not for sure, but I'm willing to bet that these two are watching Sue. They were both attached to her hip all week long.

And this is where Nat slept. Our room had a sitting room with a daybed in it. So we pulled the trundle out for Natalie. We tried to stuff the opening with pillows but she did manage to slide down in there one morning. Other than that she slept really well, despite having a cold and runny nose.

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