Meg & Tim's Wedding

The ceremony and reception was beautiful. The wedding took place outside just before sunset. I missed most of it trying to keep Natalie entertained, but Meg looked gorgeous.

Natalie and Kaitlyn stole the show during the reception with their dancing. We all wished we had brought a video camera instead. But here's a few pics. Jason took quite a few and I'll add them as I get them.

Natalie with her mouth stuffed with pineapple.

She gives the best hugs when she wants to. I just love it!

Daddy's girls.

Time to hit the dance floor.

Cooling off over the air vent.

Kaitlyn trying to pick up an older man, the ring bearer, Jay.

The whole gang.

The week was such a blast. It was a different kind of vacation with a little one involved, but fun nonetheless. Thanks to Sue for keeping up with two demanding little girls all week. You're a Saint. You deserve another week off just to recuperate :)

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Amy said...

All of the pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love them. I love seeing her grow even when I don't get to see her... oh, yeah, and you too.. LOL

You're right, granddaddy would be proud of his little 'pete'.

I love you all... Amy