First Trip to the Beach

This week marks the beginning of our first Bryant Family vacation. Byron's cousin is getting married in Charleston, S.C. on Saturday and we came down a week early, with Vann, Sue, Heather, Jason & Kaitlyn for a little R&R.

We all met up in Atlanta on Saturday and spent the night. Natalie did well with the drive. She slept for a couple of hours off and on and entertained herself really well.

Sunday we made the rest of the drive to the Isle of Palms, just about 15 minutes outside of Charleston. We immediately changed clothes, slathered on the sunscreen and took the girls to the beach.

Natalie didn't hesitate one bit.

Of course once she realized she could dig in the sand, that's how she spent most of her time on the beach.

She was worn out after the drive and a little chilled from the wind on the beach, but Nana made it all better.

Riding in style back to our house.

Natalie also got to meet Byron's Grandma Betty for the first time.

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