Memorial Weekend

Well Nat has spent the past week with my parents (Grammie & Big Daddy) and boy have we missed her. Byron and I were bored out of our minds. Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed being able to sleep uninterrupted, but the evenings were way to quiet.

According to Mom she spent most of the week outside, playing with Nate's new puppy, Troubadour. She was a little unsure of him. He's all puppy and still likes to nip and jump at you, which Nat is not use to. But she didn't mind playing in his water or filling his dog bowl with rocks.

Grammie's little helper.

This is the best shot I could get of the little stinker.

She tried to talk Uncle Nate & Lynnley into taking her to Oklahoma to the Brooks & Dunn concert but it was a no go :) He would have been a nervous wreck the whole trip. He's super protective of her, it's really kinda cute.

We couldn't wait to see the little munchkin come Friday. She was outside waiting for us when we pulled in the drive. I don't know who she was more excited to see, us or the dogs.

Saturday we drove up to where Danny, Theresa, Karla and Mike were camping. I had hoped to get there in time to go out on the boat, but Natalie (the champion napper) had other plans. We made it in time to watch the cornhole tourney and have dinner. Oh and Amber, Phil and I made the mistake of taking the kiddos to the beach right before dark. Well, this little water bug was up to her waste before I could get her clothes off. So she's officially had her first swim in KY Lake.

Up at the campsite.

Sunday we had lunch and visited with Nan, Granddaddy, Amy & Mike. Then we headed off to Vann and Sue's for a fish fry. We were suppose to go out in their new golf cart but we ran out of time. It's hard, even though she was in all week, to see everybody when we come home, but I think we managed to see everyone who was home.

**Now here's a note to all of you with little ones. Leaving your kid with their grandparents has pros and cons. Natalie was spoiled rotten all week, as to be expected, but she needed a few days to adjust to us not catering to her every need..LOL Byron even threatened to say that she could only stay a few days at a time because she was such a pill come Tuesday :) But that's what grandparents are suppose to do, right?

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