Trip Continued

The girls are starting to really get along and play well together. They still both want in Nana's lap at the same time, but I don't know if that will ever change :)

Natalie's mornings so far have consisted of getting up, eating breakfast and going on a walk with Nana and PaPaw. It gives Byron a chance to sleep in a little before he heads out to the golf course and me time to read a book or layout, which I haven't done in who knows how long.

Jason, Heather, Matthew and I went on a little Kayak adventure. Matthew was nice enough to be my partner since there was no way in hell I could ever get Byron away from the golf course to do it with me :) It was nice. We saw a lot of birds, a horseshoe crab and got a little history of Charleston.

Once home we ventured back out to the beach with the girls. Heather got them started "jumping" waves. It's hard on my back but man they love it!

Marching out to the water with Nana.

Running from the waves. They just ran in circles and circles from them.

Armed with her bucket and ready to go.

Heather counting down until the next wave and Natalie just about to lose her britches.

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