Daddy's Little Wildcat

Natalie got to see a side of her Daddy Saturday afternoon that she (or Mulligan) had never seen before. UK's first "real" game vs North Carolina. I had to warn Byron beforehand that he'd have to watch his mouth but luckily they played well (the first half). He was like a kid in a candy store every time Wall dunked it! He was jumping up and down, hi-fiving Natalie, and yelling so much he scared Mulligan into the computer room :)

Natalie came prepared with her jersey Grammie and Big Daddy found her.

Watching intently :) Poor thing about broke her neck having to look up.

And then she got bored, but not bad for a 10 month old!

Oh and we're 8-0, by the way!!!!


Amy said...

Yeah.. it's finally basketball season! C-A-T-S.. Cats, Cats, Cats
I love the shirt! She's true blue.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so good. The snow, decorating the tree,and her walking. hanks for sharing them with me Loveyou all,Nan