Christmas Continued

So we continued our Christmas Day with a trip to Granny's in the afternoon. It's usually crazy (to put it mildly) over there. Even with Rusty and the kids in Alaska and Phill, Amber and their kids out of town, we still had a house full.
Some of the men. They tend to cluster together in the corners when the sisters get together.

April and Kody (about 1.5 months old)

Some of the grandkids fighting for a spot on the couch.

Nate, Grammie and Nat. They said they were in shunned to the other living room. LOL

Playing with her wooden cube from Jackson.

And her new SNOW boots. She was styling in these little mini UGG looking boots. Thanks Mal!

It was a busy day and our holiday travels aren't over yet. But it's always nice to spend time the people that mean the most in your life. We truly do cherish every minute of it.

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