January Round Up

Just a quick recap of the last few weeks, then hopefully I'll be able to blog more regularly. Natalie has been so good with sleeping in her own. I know she still plays for 30 minutes or longer after I close the door, but she rarely comes out so I'll take it. We snapped this one afternoon during naptime. Bogey has definitely made the most out of him being allowed on the bed. We often find him in there way before bedtime :)

There's never a dull moment when we turn on Michael Jackson on Pandora. Natalie pulled out the big guns with the tutu, crown and pom-poms.


We finished up Natalie's Valentine box and owls. Unfornutaly I didn't get a "finished" picture of the owls, I forgot. I did get a picture of them before the wings.

Now that Bogey is allowed on Natalie's bed we often find him sneaking snuggles on the furniture.

And of course we watched the Super Bowl. Our menu consisted of a new creamy cheese dip, fried pickles and an attempt at our own corn dogs. The pickles were Nat's favorite and she even got to get her hands dirty and help Byron make them. Harper perused (or chewed up) the golf magazine most of the night.

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nsholar said...

I'm so glad you have your blog and I can see what's going on at your house. I feel like I have just visited you after I look at the pictures. The Princes is just adorable. You are so smart to make the valentine dress.I sent a comment last week but I'm not sure it went through.
Love you all,