Rough Night, Happy Morning

We had a pretty rough night with Natalie. She woke up four different times, crying so hard, scaring Byron and me half to death. She's never woken up that much, not even as a newborn. We're pretty sure she's teething, but man, if Mom or Sue lived closer we probably would have called in reinforcements. But she woke up this morning happy as could be. I hope this was a one time thing and maybe in a week or so we'll have some smiling pictures with teeth in them.

Morning kisses from Mulligan.

Her new thing is to climb in and over stuff. Stairs, fireplace, toy shopping cart...nothing is off limits anymore.

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Amy said...

What about an ear ache??? Hope see gets to feeling better. I love the picture with Mulligan. Amazing how gentle he is with her.

Love you... Amy