The Youngest UK Fan!

Ok, I could not make this stuff up if I had too. I even witnessed it for my very own eyes. A while back Byron calls at work and tells me that Natalie sat with him and watched clips on coachcal.com. Really??? An infant sat perfectly still and watched the computer? Well it's true folks. This morning after roaming around our bathroom and playing peek a boo in the tub, Natalie was getting bored and I handed her off to Byron so I could finish getting ready for work.

This is what I walked out too... She sat in his lap for at least 15-20 minutes, with no other toys and not a peep came from her. Amazing! Aunt Amy will be very, very proud :)

She loves playing in the tub and it limits what trouble she can get into.

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Amy said...

You are right!! I am so proud of my little UK angel. I love you all.
C-A-T-S.. Cats, Cats Cats!!