St Paul Halloween Party

Natalie & Harper, I mean Rapunzel & Pascal, were a bit hit at the school this morning. And why not? Natalie looked gorgeous in her dress Sue made and Harper, well, she was just too stinkin' cute for word in her chameleon costume. I'm pretty proud of it, since Nat and I were adding the finishing touches just last night. She stuffed the tail while I added eyes to the hat.

We probably won't get to actually ToT tonight with the nasty weather, but that just means more pictures tomorrow!

A view of the tail. I think Nat may have stuffed it too well, it's pulling the dress :)

Now for some class photos, we had a good variety this year. Not all princesses and Superman.
Olivia, Natalie & Addison

Kaylan & Leanna

Elissa & Gage

Kitty & Sebastian

Natalie & Jordan
And now for the cutest chameleon EVER!

Mrs. Shelly's Class

Photo bomb by Harper :)

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