Pumpkin Pickin' 2013

Natalie's school took their annual trip to the pumpkin patch this morning. Last year Harper was just a little bitty thing but this year was a whole different ball game. She got to roll with the big kids, which was right up her alley. She loved seeing all the farm animals on the hay ride, and unlike Nat didn't eat the first piece.

This will be Natalie's last year to attend with St. Paul :(

Harper wasn't impressed with picking a pumpkin. She preferred the corn box and climbing on the hay bales. By they way, she is 22lb, 31inches and still has a big ol' noggin but is right on track according to her doctor. 

As good of a "sister" photo as I could get. We really need to work on Harper's posing...LOL
Most of the class. From left: Kitty, Natalie, Addison, Sebastian, Mrs. Shelly, Olivia, Gage & Kirsten. 

Natalie & Sebastian. He has a slight crush on her, bless his heart. He wanted to sit next to her, eat next to her, and pretty follow her around all morning.

Hay Maze. I can remember when she was barely tall enough to see over the top.

Picnic lunches in the shade with the girls.

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Joy said...

Awww — I love the pics! Looks like they both had a great time.