Rough Week

When it rains it pours in this house. Starting last Saturday night we have all had the stomach bug. And wouldn't you know Byron and I had it the worse. So we've been pretty low key, needless to say.

Harper has really taken an interest in the dogs. She knows both their names but refers to them both as "bo, bog"  I don't think Mulligan minds though, he just appreciates the attention. Bogey seems to be more like "here we go again".  

Oh the many faces this child can make. We are working on her "home alone" face. 

Wednesday we met with an ENT about all the ear infections Harper has had. She's had 3 since September, with 3 different antibiotics too boot. So Thursday, we got tubes put in bright and early. Like 2 hours before her normal wake up time early. She handled it better than I expected. Flirted with the doctors and wasn't too fussy. Now let's just hope it worked.

Just later that afternoon she got a post-op cupcake from Gigi's.

Friday was still a pretty lazy day. She just wanted to snuggles and have all my attention. I didn't get much work done that day :)

And I just love moments like these. Even though she smacked her two seconds after I snapped this picture, typical sisterly love I guess.

Mulligan loves to crash their slumber, tea, tent parties. He just has to be right in the middle of their business if his little legs can manage it.

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