Nuby Nibbler

This little mesh feeder is great way to introduce solids foods to your baby without the risk of choking. Harper is just getting better at "chewing" certain table foods without gagging, but with this I don't have to worry. Bananas are one of her favorites.

We had one of these for Natalie too. It came in real handy during teething. I could pop an ice cube in there and let her chew on it and numb her gums.

The Nuby Nibbler has a squeeze and twist locking system so the kiddos can't open it. It also comes with a cap to keep it clean when traveling. It's easy to take a part and clean as well.

You can buy this little nibbler at buybabydirect.com, diapers.com, amazon.com, cookieskids.com and babyearth.com

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