Easter Egg Time!

This might just be one of Natalie's favorite holidays. She has been asking me when are going to color eggs since probably her birthday back in January. I told her all last week we could do them on Saturday, thinking I would boil the eggs on Friday, let them cool, and we would dye them the next day.

That didn't go over so well with Natalie. She wanted to do them immediately Friday after school. And to see a 4 year old trying to be patient while water boils is painful. What's Natalie decide to get into? The bubbles in the sink that Harper's bottles are soaking in. But hey, it kept her entertained plus she washed and rinsed all of them for me. Win-win!

Harper slept through the torture of boiling water. She was out and about all afternoon and could barely keep her eyes open once we got back home.
She woke in time top play with the bunny glasses and check out her Easter basket.

Finally time to color. I wanted to do some with a tye-die look but Nat insisted on coloring them all and applying glitter and sparkles. I'm pretty sure we had glitter EVERYWHERE and she did spill one red cup, so that one turned out more orange but she enjoyed it. She was a little disappointed the next morning because she thought the Easter bunny would bring her candies that morning since she painted her eggs. She thought he didn't like them, silly girl. I had to get the calendar out and promise her he would come next weekend at Grammie's. Oh and she says she wants a big lollipop (hint, hint Big Big).

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