Nuby Natural Touch Feeder

I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of these, of course, when it first arrived Harper had ZERO interest in eating solids other than cereal. So it has sat in the back of the cabinet for a month or so now. I did try and mix cereal in one time but it was to much of a hassle.

But other baby food, AMAZING! If we are getting ready to head out to eat, I can pour Harper's food into the spoon, snap the top in place and throw in my bag to use at the restaurant. She's real big on eating when we eat and we don't always eat stuff she can have so this is a great compromise.

The food is squeezed throw a tiny hole onto the spoon, it's so easy. Plus I can squeeze it out a lot faster than I can scoop it out with a normal spoon which makes for a very happy Harper when she's starving and her patience is non-existent.

You can find this feeder on Amazon and diapers.com

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