A Little Something for Harper

I finally took the plunge and made something for Harper. Most of my patterns are really to big for her at the moment but when I was asked to test out these ruffle overalls I just couldn't resist. Plus I wasn't really sure Nat would be into them, she's very picky about her wardrobe these days. Now I tested a 9-12 size and I was a little worried they'd be to big but other than being a tad long, they turned out super cute.

Saturday and Sunday were spent, yet again, doing yard work. Poor Byron isn't going to be able to move for a week. It's hard for me to help with Harper is awake, but she was a good sport about it. Sunday we sprayed the yard so she spent most of her time either in the back of the van with Natalie (back door open) or in her stroller just relaxing, and working on her tan a bit.

Happy Spring Y'all!

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Joy said...

She's growing up waaaay too fast!