A Bogey & A Mulligan

No I'm not referring to Byron's golf game :) We've adopted a Bulldog!

Byron has wanted a Bulldog ever since Flannigan got Fish back in college when they were roommates. I tried to find one for his birthday, but they are hard to come by. However, a lady just an hour from here had one for sale. She breeds and shows Bulldogs, but this one had gotten a hernia and had to be fixed and she felt he'd make someone a better pet.

Byron met her Saturday and we agreed to keep him on a trail basis for a few days to see how he would be around Bogey and, more importantly, Natalie.

Well let me just tell you this dog is the most affectionate Bulldog I've ever met. Natalie was a little unsure at first but he took to her just as well as Bogey did. Although, when he licks you it's way more slobbery. He just follows her around like her own personal body guard.

He's going to take some getting use to. I can't just roll him over at night when he's snoring. And he's only good for about 10 minutes of solid playing before he needs a break/nap. But I think he's a keeper. (Don't be mad Vann)

Look at that mug.

They hadn't been outside 5 minutes before they were both in the Lillies.

Natalie's new body guard.

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Amy said...

OH MY.. only a face a mother could love...