Pumpkin Pickin'

I have been dying to take Natalie out to a pumpkin patch since the beginning of October. However, we've either been out of town or it's been coming a flood outside. We jumped on the opportunity to take her Saturday to Nicholas-Boyd Farms. She loved the hayride (or at least the hay). It was a little chilly but she enjoyed being outside, looking at the farm animals, playing in the pumpkins. Plus, she just loved watching all the older kids.

And Byron gets the "Best Daddy" Award. I think he was one of the few fathers, if not the only one, out there. I guess the rest where home watching football.

They had a children's maze set up in the waiting area. I'm sure next year we'll be chasing her through it.

Waiting for the hay ride to start

Of course she had to chew on the straw.

Daddy and his lil pumpkin

Natalie the Scarecrow

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Amy said...

Julia, I remember when we took you and Nathan to the pumpkin patch. I wish I could find the picture.