Hello Baby Jackson

We finally got a chance to go home and meet our newest cousin in the family, Jackson Boyd. He's such cutie with those big blue eyes and dark curly hair. Natalie kept wanting to touch his hair but didn't mind me holding him one bit. She was to busy trying to play with Brady, who was having no part of her. He kept telling Karla, "Nana, just hold him." All babies are are a "he" and he was so worried she was going to get his trains. I don't know what he'll do when his little brother gets here in less than a month :)

We drove in Thursday night. And I must say Natalie did great. She woke up just about the time I needed gas, took a bottle and passed right back out. We finally got to KY around midnight, right before the storm came through.

Friday we spent the day at Nan & Granddaddy's and at Vann & Sue's. Saturday we made the rounds to Granny's house and back up to Nan's to see Amy & Mike. Then we went to Jackson's Baptism, followed by a little Pictionary at Karla's house. Sunday we had a baby shower for April and then we had to get back on the road. It was a busy weekend and, as always, went by way to fast.

Godparents, Brenton & April, Father Darrell, Jackson, Mal & Levi.

Aunt Rosie and her whole gang.

Such a proud Godfather :)

Granny & Louise

Four generations on my Mom's side.

Natalie always has a big hug for Karly.

Some of the great-grandkids. Natalie had had enough. Maybe we can round them all up by Christmas, after Kody gets here, and when Kaitlynn & Daniel are in town.

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