Black & White Day

Each month Nat's classroom has a different color theme. This month is black and white. Once, each month, they are suppose to wear that color and believe it or not when I rummaged through Nat's closet she doesn't have a single black/white item?! How that's possible, I have no idea. Her closet easily rivals mine and she's only 3.

So with my new sewing machine and novice sewing skills I set out to make her a dress. Now I'll admit I did cheat a little, a smocked dress is possibly one of the easiest things you can make. The fabric already came smocked at the top, so literally a couple of hems, straps and about an hour was all it took. 

It could possible take less time if:
  1. My "helper" wasn't hovering over my shoulder
  2. I hadn't had to take it in about 2-3 inches after the first stitches down the side so Nat could hold it up (I only bought 1/2 yard, probably could had gotten away with 1/3)
  3. the straps were kinda a pain, but only because they stretched more than I expected.

I might have to frame this one, she's smiling so good. 

And of course one that shows off the dress better and Nat in her true form.


Amy said...

I'll try this again. I love the dress... and smile. I had to savae this pic! I hope you are feeling okay. Hope Nat can come to reunion with your mom/dad and Nate. I know you will be getting close to "baby Bryant" and I'm gonna miss you. Any names yet (other than peanut butter? Miss you all...

Anonymous said...

Julia, Yoou surprised me. I didn't know you could sew on a button. It is very cute. love you. Nan