Vacay in KY

Nat and I had us a little girls trip last week since her school was closed for 2 days for the Memorial holiday. We loaded up the van and drove to KY to visit with everyone one last time before the baby arrives. I can only hope this next one travels as well as Nat. I think I had to stop to pee more than she needed too :)

Anyways I didn't take many pictures (bad blogging momma, I know), but she had a week packed with fun. Nan came and visited and got talked into splashing in the sprinklers, she swam with Kody, Brady and Karly in their pool a few times, played golf with Nana & PaPaw, went to the KY Lake Beach and even saw a bullfrog and snake hanging around PaPaw's pond.

Sue and I worked on baby stuff, which I'll post about later and I got some much needed R&R with all the grandparents around to help entertain Nat.

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