The Countdown is On!

Well we are patiently waiting for the arrival of little Miss Harper Elizabeth. I have done all I can do to her room, cleaned the infant carrier, sanitized bottles, pacis and sorted clothes. So now we wait. As of last week she was breech which will most likely land me a c-section. Not looking forward to that. And if I had to guess her final eviction date will probably be around July 6, just one day shy of my birthday.

Here is what has been keeping me busy since we found out she was a girl back in February. I knew early on, I would not do another, full out, pink room like Natalie's. I just couldn't do it again. So I went for a light aqua blue, which isn't shown really well in the pictures, with pops of bright pink and yellow.

Let me just say Pinterest was a great inspiration for most of these projects. I just love your little name pillow Sue and I made for you. The nightstand got a long overdue makeover and repainted pink.

I also took a little page from Pottery Barn Kids and talked Byron into hanging a shelf all the way around the room, on 3 walls. They are pretty bare right now but I like to have room to grow, and this will be a perfect spot for all those keepsakes I don't want her to break.

Sue made all the bedding/linens and I made the little elephant up above using my new found sewing skills. Natalie did help stuff it. We kinda have a elephant theme going I guess you could say. It wasn't intentional, we bought the stuffed elephant when we first found out we were pregnant. It's kinda a little tradition, with Natalie we bought a monkey.

Artwork above the crib inspired by some etsy.com prints.

Big/Little Sister corner. Pictures to come (obviously).

Changing Table & Bow Holder 

And of course a closet full of clothes, diapers and wipes and a fully stocked wine fridge. Who needs a bookcase? :)


Flossie said...

Looks great! I still need to finish organizing our closet, but I think we're pretty close too. Sending good vibes for little Harper to do a flip-flop in the next couple of weeks. :)

Amy said...

I can't wait for you to get here Miss Harper!!! Natalie, you are going to be a great BIG SISTER!!
I love you all...