The Greatest Show on Earth!

Nat got her first experience at going to the circus last night. She loved just about every minute of it. Naturally the dogs jumping around were her favorite part. She even thinks Mulligan should be able to do those tricks, and the elephants probably came in a close second.

She got to see the animals up close and meet some of the performers, plus dance her booty off before the show began too. All and all it was a good night, lots of icee and cotton candy was consumed and she got to stay up well past bedtime. Plus it's weird to think that any of these outings could be our last as family of three so I hope that makes them extra special. Although in reality I know she has no concept of that yet.

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Amy said...

Oh how awesome. I bet Nat just loved it. I wish I could have seen her face when the big elephants came out. I hope you are feeling well. Tell Nat and Byron I said "hello". Love you all!