My Little Ladybug Has Wings!

Nat is going to be a ladybug for Halloween. I found a really cute costume online but I'm to cheap to pay $40 for a costume when I know darn good and well Sue can make something as equally cute, if not cuter. She was in charge of the body, which was nothing more than a bubble dress. My mission were the wings and antenna.

Let me just say these were kinda a pain and if I could have found some cheap pre-made ones I would have snatched them up in a heartbeat. However, my craftiness got the best of me. I found a tutorial online that seemed easy enough.

First step, straighten out two cheap coat hangers. Come to find out it would take four because they aren't sturdy enough to hold the shape I wanted with just one.

The tutorial said to use twine, but I opted for electrical tape. Mainly because it was the only black tape I had in the house. We (and yes Byron helped and saved me from having a complete meltdown) taped the two shaped hangers together like so...

Then I taped the two wings together making sure all ends were covered.

We had to cut them down a few times to make the small enough for Nat. The first go round Byron said they looked big on me, so we adjusted. We ended up using an old pair of her tights to cover the wings and tie in a knot at the top. One leg covered a wing. Panty hose will also work depending on how opaque you would like them.

Once covered secure two ribbons in the center. These will later tie around her arms. The antennas are nothing more than a black headband wrapped in ribbon, pipe cleaners and some 1.5inch pom poms.

They turned out pretty cute. If I have time I may add some red glitter to them to make them pop. Or I may just leave them alone since I'll be lucky if she wears them for more than 3 minutes :)


Flossie said...

Okay...I'm super impressed with your skills. I will totally be dipping into the buy-something-that's-overpriced-but-already-made pool for Halloween, school plays & such. By the way...love your little header thing or whatever that's called. I need to figure out a way to pretty mine up a bit.

Joy said...

Awww - I can't wait to see pictures of her trick or treating!!!

The Langhams said...

You did a great job on the costume!