Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

This past weekend was THE weekend for birthdays and parties. Let's see if I can remember them all. Brady, Uncle Mike and Granny Dot all had birthdays on Thursday. We had a big celebration for the boys Friday night at the cabin. We got in a little late, but managed to see everyone and let Nat blow off some steam after the 6 hours car ride.

Kaitlyn, Jason and his Dad (who also came down from Wisconsin with his mom) celebrated birthdays and if I'm not mistaken, my other Uncle Mike (Amy's Mike) has a birthday today.


At the cabin enjoying a cupcake and Jackson showing of his walking skills.

Big Daddy & Nat

And this little car Nat just loved. We may have to add something similar to her Christmas list.

Saturday we made a trip out to Wurth Farms with Byron's family before Kaitlyn's Dora filled birthday party. The girls really enjoyed the bounce house, petting zoo and horse ride.

Let me just say Natalie took to Sherri (left) right away, they quickly became best buds.

The always popular bounce house.

Petting Zoo, trying to pet the pot-belly pig and feed the donkey.

And probably the highlight of Nat's day, riding the horse. She kept trying to make it go faster and I was trying desperately to hold onto her little butt.

Leaving the farm. Poor thing was worn out.

The family photo we could manage with a overtired toddler.

Time to party with Dora and Boots!

Kaitlyn dove right in unlike last year :)

Playing with some of the balloons the next morning.

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Amy said...

The ride on the horse... granddaddy would be proud. I know you were busy but I wish you would have had time to go by and see them. She's growing so fast. Love to you all. Thanks from Mike for the birthday wish!