Happy Fat Tuesday!

Nat's school had their Mardi Gras parade today and even though it was total chaos with 2, 3 & 4 years olds trying to "march" it was super cute. I'm not the only Mom who went all out on the floats either :) I tried really hard to get a picture of everyone in Nat's class. Only one little boy, Jake, was absent.

Everyone lining up...Lucy, Reece and Natalie.

Reece, Anna Clair, Mary Alice (pink), Lucy, Nicolas and Nat leading the pack.

The ladies of the group (minus Stella). Vivian, Anna Claire, Mary Alice, Natalie, Madeline & Lucy.
How cute are they?!

Adam who is very shy and quiet, much like Nat and Cannon. This child is ALL BOY. I bet if he picked at Nat once he did it a million times. From what I hear he's a little sweet on her and he's one of TWO of Nat's boyfriends.

This is the little girl that Nat talks about being her best friend, Stella. She even wants to name her baby sister this (not going to happen) but this little diva definitely lives up to her name and marches to her own beat!

Mary Alice & Anna Claire

Once Nat and I took our picture all the girls wanted in on the action. 

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