Gearing Up for Fat Tuesday!

Yes I am THAT Mom. The one that goes way overboard for her 3 year old's Mardi Gras parade at her daycare...and I don't care :) In last month's newsletter it said the kids would put on a Mardi Gras parade at the school. The kids were encouraged to make a small box float. Well from the get go I assumed they meant like a shoe box or something. Um, no. They meant a small box Nat could wear and actually be IN the parade. So I had to rethink my strategy or at least my scale. I bought just about everything for a $1 or less, except for the mask. Those were a kit at Michaels that I bought so Nat could decorate something and say she actually participated in the project.

Supplies consisted of: felt, poster board in yellow, green and purple, mask kit, beads, garters, confetti, gold doubloons, feathers and one heavy duty glue gun.

First step, cut a hole in the box and cover the outside. I tried to make the felt look pleated, added the poster board and used the garter belts as trim to cover up my mistakes.
For the back I used the poster board to make a harlequin pattern because I ran out of ideas and it was easy to do.
After many hours of cutting, burning my fingers with glue, here is the finished product.  I found some gold tinsel at the Dollar Store for $.25! And that is what she'll use to keep it on her shoulders when she wears it.


Jennifer said...

That's pretty awesome!

Amy said...

Can't wait to see her wear it!