Not Everything is Pink & Sparkles

With all the pink I've been posting about lately let me just take some time to share with you a couple stories that show a different side to Natalie. A side that most don't get to see unless they spend an extended period of time with her. Yes I know she will KILL me someday for these but I don't care. They are to funny not to share.

1: Have you seen the movie Elf? Especially the part where he drinks a 2 liter of Coke and then burps to the high heavens... well here is Nat's interpretation. She'll burp crazy loud, especially for a 3 year old, and look you straight in the face and say "Did you hear that?"  Then get this little smirky grin on her face before she whispers "excuse me."

2. The other night she came up to Byron and said "watch this." Then preceded to toot on cue right next to him. I could not make this up if I had to. I thought we were going to fall off the couch laughing so hard.

3. We were eating Mexican the other night and I had ordered Nat a soft shell taco but they brought out a hard shell instead. Nat knew something was off because she just stared at it and I kindly asked the waitress to bring us the soft one. Well not 2 seconds after she walked back with the hard shell Nat looks at us and said "that sucks!"  I even asked her what she said and she repeated it again, typical Sholar I guess.  Again we didn't know if we should correct her or just silently giggle to each other.

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Amy said...

That's my GIRL!!