Oh Sunny Day!

What a beautiful day today was. I mean if the wind had not been blowing we would have contemplated turning on the AC. Even though Nat has been under the weather she loved every minute of it. I think she almost forgot what it was like to walk around barefoot!

Nat started her spring cleaning by wiping down her playhouse while I scooped up the yard.
I "think" my little tom-boy might be turning into more a girly girl. She got some dirt on feet and oh lord, she couldn't find a towel to wash them off quick enough. That being said, she still wouldn't wear shoes :)

She even got to practice her golf swing. I may be a tad bias but I think she has a lot of potential, I'm still waiting to see how the patience holds up though before I make any final judgments ;)

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Amy said...

Watch out Tiger... He ain't got nothing on you girl! Great form! Keep up the good work... I love you!